'Judged by twelve or carried by six?' YOU Decide!

What does that mean?

If you had to fight, if there was no other option, if you had to protect yourself or loved ones in a 'life or death' situation would you rather risk being judged by 12 of your peers on the jury, or carried in a coffin by 6 of your friends. Its up to you!

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Discover THE FightSecrets!

Discover the Secrets that James Wilks has taught to the DEA, US Marshals, SWAT Teams, US Secret Service, US Marines and the US Navy SEALs. Effective, devastating, tested methods that are easy to learn, use and retain.

If you are looking for fancy uniforms, colorful belts, choreographed patterns, and techniques that work with a compliant partner then FightSecrets© is not for you! You should look at traditional martial arts or a dance school.

If you want the REAL DEAL when it comes to NO NONSENSE training methods, If you want PROVEN tactics taught to elite government agencies, if you want LETHAL fight ending techniques, banned in sport fighting because they are 'too dangerous', then YOU need FightSecrets© !

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